Bipolar Method, consisting of: Xaliea, QvoFred, Lawbster, Funballer and Trixtank are one of the longest standing 5 man rosters in SMITE. Formally known as Team Paradigm, and previous to that, TRIG eSports, the team has been at the top of the European SMITE scene since the start of 2015. Even before the core 5 came together, 3 of the 5 (QvoFred, Lawbster and Trixtank) won the SMITE Launch tournament in 2014. Ever since then, they have had many dominant runs in various online and offline tournaments and made over $200,000 in tournament winnings combined.


The knowledge and power that this team holds in SMITE is unmeasurable. The way that all 5 are able to still, after 3 years, keep up with the meta and still be one of the most feared teams internationally is very rare not just in SMITE, but in Esports as a whole.


This makes the roster a perfect fit for Team Orbit. The whole roster knows what it takes to win and be successful, and as the new era of Orbit begins they will aid in our quest to the best. Not only are they talented, they are professional and are able to represent an organisation perfectly. We are all very excited to start working with the squad.


The captain, Emil “Lawbster” Evensen had this to say about the recent signing: “After all that happened with our previous organization and management, teaming up with Orbit is going to be a load off my shoulders and I am personally very relieved to be working with Orbit and especially the CEO Patrik, someone I have been talking to for months now. I genuinely have nothing but positive things to say about the man in charge.”


Concerning the previous issues Orbit has faced in the SMITE community, Lawbster is well aware that Orbit is working very hard to correct mistakes and is fully committed to a positive future: “Even though Orbit has had its mishaps in the console league with SMITE, and to clarify me and the boys do realize what has happened in the past, I have personally reached out to the players involved in said mishaps to understand the situation, and I go into this organisation genuinely believing Orbit has the player’s best interest as priority. I believe Orbit suffered from a few rotten apples and as of late has been attacked as an organisation. Now that Orbit has laid off said apples,  the org seems to be a very ambitious, growing, and caring organisation. I’m going to do everything in my power, and I know my boys will as well, to help Orbit back into SMITE with a new fresh start, and to get rid of Orbit’s bad reputation within the SMITE community.”


Also, Robbie Meade, our Orbit’s Co-owner commented on the signing of Bipolar Method: “It has been a very long, bumpy road to signing this team due to all the problems with our past in SMITE but we were able to come to terms with a deal and we couldn’t be happier, the team has shown consistency and professionalism at all times throughout their careers and that is what truly makes an elite Esports team.”


The SMITE announcement video can also been seen here


As announced by Hi-Rez, the team’s official debut under the Orbit banner will be in Atlanta, USA on the 7-9th October for the SPL Season 3 Group stages. More information on the event will be coming soon!


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