Today, we introduce a new team to the Orbit Zone.

Gears Of War is a very interesting eSport at this point in time with a lot of support from the publishers, Microsoft, and tournament providers like MLG. This growth intrigued our management and we started searching for a new team with great potential to grow and evolve into one of North America’s best ahead of the release of Gears of War 4. The new team is as follows:

CaRiLLs – DeToX – Rayzill – KeeM – Neglect

Brian “CaRiLLs “ Carrasquillo had this to say about joining Orbit: “We are very excited and fortunate to be given the opportunity to represent Orbit in this Gears of War Pro Circuit. This is one of the most skilled teams i have ever been on and we look forward to surprising everybody and putting on a show for Orbit.”


Patrik Andersson, Orbit’s CEO also had this to say about signing the squad: “We have been researching and watching Gears Of War grow for some time now and we all feel that it is now the right time to join the budding community with this team. I see real potential is the team that has been built and cannot wait to see them play on the big stage.”

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