Our fourth and final team signing (for the the meantime) is one that we cannot wait to announce. Team Exodus is one of elite teams in Rocket League and has continued to grow and improve over RLCS season 1 and 2.

The team, consisting of Moses, GarrettG and Turtle who are all young and budding talents, dedicated to become the best in their chosen title. We, as an organisation stand by their career goals and aim to improve not only aspects of their game but their image as a player and a brand.

Alex Erdogan, our new COO had this to say about the new team of 3:

Everyone, staff and other players alike, are really excited to have such a young and charismatic team under the banner. From researching the scene before the signing I can already see that they haven’t yet reached their potential and that in itself excites me to see them play at the RLCS play-offs in November.


Their debut under the Orbit name will be tomorrow (Saturday 22nd October) where they play their rivals, NRG and Revival.

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