I got to sit down with Kieran Patidar also known as Funballer our SMITE hunter about the SPL Group stages, Super Regionals in November and the SMITE World Championships.


Hey Kieran! Firstly, give a brief introduction of yourself and your past within SMITE.

I’m Funballer, the hunter for Orbit and have been around since the beginning of Smite. I’ve been on previous known teams such as Team Coast, Exposed Secrets, Torch and Fnatic before joining my current roster.

You recently competed in the SPL Group stages, where you played a total of 12 games over 3 days, how did you feel it went overall?

During the 3 days we were playing in the group stages, I personally felt like it went well for us aside from a few miscalls which happened and the odd game which didn’t go the way we wanted it to. But Sanguine coming out 2nd was unexpected as I was expecting either Elevate or Dignitas to come 2nd.

In regards to the whole of the SPL, who do you feel is your biggest rival?

I feel like our biggest rival is either Enemy eSports (purely because we haven’t really had a good track record against them when it comes to LAN events) or NRG as they just cannot be counted out of any games since they’re just simply so good at the game.

Without giving anything major away, what have you been doing in terms of practice to be ready for regionals on November 16th-20?

You saw the double dog combination in our last game versus Sanguine so you might see that again! But overall we’re going to turn it up a notch and improve in not just our mechanics, but improve our playstyle, shotcalling and increase our chance to win regionals.

Leading onto the next question, on the international stage, the SMITE World Championships in the biggest, what are your hopes for SWC?

Our hopes for SWC is simply to win it all and become the best team in Smite in history.

I like the confidence, finally, do you have any shoutouts?

First of all, shoutouts to Orbit for being honestly, a great organisation helping us achieve our goal, and our new/old fans for supporting us through the up’s and downs.




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