Turtle, one of our newest recruits is a professional Rocket League player. After recently qualifying for the RLCS Finals I got to speak to him about the regular season and the roast to Amsterdam.

 Hey Turtle! Introduce yourself and tell us about your history in eSports 

My name is Isaac “Turtle” App, and I’m a 16 year old “pro” Rocket League player. I started playing the game around early July of 2015, and have dedicated over 1800 hours into my career. Rocket League is the first video game in which I’ve dedicated most of my hours towards competing at the highest level possible. I initially started on a low-level team, with no reputation. After a few months of playing through countless ESL tournaments, I met Garrett. Since then we’ve picked up Moses, and competed towards the top end of NA teams. As a team, we placed 2nd overall in North America in RLCS Season 1 and went on to compete at the first Rocket League LAN. Now, after countless more hours of practice, we sit at the top of NA with the #1 seed going into playoffs!

Recently, the RLCS regular season has just finished with you topping the standings 6-1, how do you feel it went for you guys overall? 

I feel that our recent performance in League Play went extremely well. We managed to pull off some clutch wins and comebacks, as well as sweeps and satisfying wins. I’d say our toughest opponent this season was Genesis, considering we started the series off a bit rough. We were forced to adapt to the play, and pull off a reverse sweep. This, to me, was our greatest win coming out of the season.

 With you topping the regular season, you have already solidified your spot in the finals in Amsterdam, how are you and the team feeling about being able to travel to Europe to compete for a share of $125,000?

Being given the opportunity to fly out to Amsterdam and compete at the live international finals is truly amazing. It’s extremely satisfying knowing all our hard work and dedication to the game has finally paid off yet again. 

Without giving anything away, how are you training for the finals in December?

We are training for the live finals through keeping ourselves busy with scrims and any high-level play we can find together as a team. Our training routine hasn’t really changed much since last season, and if anything, we have increased our dedication and drive towards being the best. 

How has the beginning of your journey under Orbit been so far? 

Our experiences with Orbit have been great so far! Everything has been very personal, and we are fully aware that the only intentions Orbit has are to better the team and our experiences playing under their name. We haven’t been with an organization quite as large as Orbit, and so far, it’s been great. 

 In the whole of the RLCS who do you think is going to be your hardest opponent going into the finals?

 I believe our toughest opponents at the live finals will be Flipside3. That team consists of 3 incredibly experienced and well-rounded players that we don’t underestimate. They, like us, have LAN experience at the highest level.

What are you hoping to achieve at the Finals? 

We, like many, are striving for the top spot at the live international finals. I believe that if we put the time in and dedicate ourselves fully towards winning, Orbit will be a favorite coming into the LAN.

Finally, any shoutouts?

I’d like to thank Orbit and all our supporters for helping us get this far in Rocket League. It has truly been an amazing experience.

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