We are delighted to announce our newest edition to Orbit.
Orbit CS:GO Female
Kippi – INO! – DNO – Rambolina – Kattiz
As a Swedish organisation we are always happy to be able to support Swedish teams. The girls will have their debut match at Dreamhack winter, with some familiar faces returning to Orbit we really look forward to seeing them play.
Matilda “Rambolina! Gustavsson had this to say about the signing:
I am so happy to announce our new lineup for Orbit. Since the team disbanded after CPH Games I have been on the lookout for girls to play with long term. With the help of my other Orbit teammate KiPPi we have managed to find a lineup that we have confidence in, with alot of dedication and believe can make a roar in the female scene. We managed to qualify for the Ladies tournament at Dreamhack, which will also be our first LAN together as a team.

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