Finally we can announce that we are partnering with Swedish organisation Fliffr. Fliffr has developed a video marketplace app where you can find and contact experts in many fields, such as Legal Advice, Personal Training, Tutoring and now, Esports. Orbit and its players are going to be available directly from your mobile phone for a quick chat or an in depth video call.

“Orbit are always looking at ways to bring fans closer to the players, with Fliffr we have found the perfect solution”
says Patrik Andersson CEO of Orbit Esports.

The first Orbit players available players on the app is Emil “Lawbster” Evensen from our SMITE team, Trei “TreiZer0” Morris from our Call Of Duty team and Counter Strike players Matilda “Rambolina” Gustavsson and Katarina “Kippi” Holmström from our new CS:GO team!

Peter Nordström from team Fliffr added

“I’m very happy with this partnership, as a gamer myself, I love the opportunity to get personal and pick the brains of Orbits professional players.”

So take the opportunity now to speak with the best in eSports and ask them anything!

In an ever changing metagame, what are the best Guardian heroes to get really good with – ask Emil on

How can you be so calm when playing, what preparations does Rambolina do? Ask her yourself at

What are Kippis best tips for improving in CounterStrike, ask her on

Ever thought about going Pro in Call of Duty? What does it take to climb to the top, get the best tips directly from TreiZer0 at 


Below, you will find all of Fliffr’s social media and links to download the app:

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