The PlayStation Experience Showcase Invitational featured 8 of the world’s best teams to showcase Infinite Warfare in a LAN environment for the first time this year. What was expected to just be a few friendly matches taking place was quite far from that.

It was Team Orbit’s European Call of Duty team debut, and not only did they impress, but they also left California with a new rival.

Over the course of the past weekend, Orbit’s own Rhys “Rated” Price and FaZe Clan’s James “Clayster” Eubanks were at each others’ necks all throughout the event. Initially it was Rated criticizing Clayster for getting “gassed in a showcase match”, but that wasn’t the end of it. FaZe, on Saturday, beat Orbit in a 3-0 victory, so Orbit was out for vengeance. Orbit shockingly eased through one of the favorites, Luminosity, in the semifinal, which led them to square off once more against FaZe Clan in the grand final. After winning the first map, Orbit unfortunately lost the series 3-1 after a thrilling map 4 Hardpoint.

Looking forward to MLG Vegas, it appears that this rivalry could possibly heat up to be one of the best the community has had in a long time. The squad will have to make it out of the open bracket and into pool play for another shot at playing FaZe and other top North American teams. Along with Orbit are four other European teams: Splyce, Elevate, Epsilon, and Infused. This is a good sign, as Europe would love to prove themselves early on in this season.
Written by @ZaarinCOD and edited by @CH3MISTRY_

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