With the dawn of a new year comes thoughts of change fueled by the hope of a brighter future. This stands true not just for a person but also the people behind the teams that drive the esports movement.

Like never before has a new year felt so much like a new beginning. As the previous year of continued growth and support fades into the horizon of the past; all eyes move the the rising future that is Orbit Esport. The lessons learned in a year of amazing accomplishments; ground breaking partnerships; and heartbreaking defeats serving as a lens; focusing the image of our future.

Much like the sculpture; a master craftsman that meticulously removed bits of stone with love and passion revealing the beauty within; we must do the same. It with heavy hearts we announce the departure of the Smite team playing under the Orbit banner. The passion and drive the squad displayed during their tenure with Orbit Esport was an astounding experience that was felt throughout. On behalf of the fans; Thank You for an awesome run and good luck going forward. Best Wishes.

Change is never easy. The challenge lies within… and things are rarely what they seem. The sculpture know this. His years of experience and mastery of his craft guide the chisel with every swing. It is this knowledge that helps us close one door as to open another as we have some very exciting announcements coming very soon.

From everyone at Orbit, we would like to personally thank Funballer, Trixtank, Xaliea, Qvofred and Lawbster for all your hard work and dedication to the cause and we wish you nothing but success going into the 2017 season.

Thank you for an amazing ride in 2016. Happy 2017!

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