The new year has started with a bang for the Orbit Zone. We are ecstatic to announce the signing of our new CS:GO team hailing from Brazil.

The team consisting of nak, caike, bLd, kNg, and mch have had years of experience within Counter Strike, with them all being highly respected within the South American community. Now, under the Orbit banner,  they are ready to contest the two current powerhouses of the Brazilian community: SK and Immortals.

To complete their quest, they will be moving to Gothenburg in Sweden to use our offices as a resource and also to have the access to play against the best in Europe

Patrik Andersson, the CEO had this to say about the signing: “I don’t think I have ever been so optimistic about a signing like I have of these 5 players. After an average 2016 in terms of results, all of the management cannot wait to re-enter one of the most passionate communities in esports and hopefully change our luck going into the new year. The squad are all passionate, respectful and truly know what it takes to become one of the best in the game. They will be traveling over to the offices to live and train here in Sweden, meaning they will also have the high quality practice the team needs to take it to the next level.”

Renato Nekano, also known as Nak, also commented on the announcement: “I could not be happier about starting the year by signing a contract with this fantastic organisation that is Orbit. Right from the beginning they have placed a lot of confidence in us and we really appreciate everything they’ve done already. Orbit is in a phase of expansion and growth, which fits perfectly with our momentum and we are looking to utilise both situations and create something special. It is an opportunity we’ve all wished and we shall grab it with all our strength. Expect our team to have lots of dedication and show our passion for this beautiful game.”

On behalf of our management and supporters, we welcome the squad and will do everything in our power to help them grow into one of the world’s elite.


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