The new year has started with a bang for the Orbit Zone. We are ecstatic to announce the signing of our new CS:GO team hailing from Brazil. The team consisting of nak, caike, bLd, kNg, and mch have had years of experience within Counter Strike, with them all being highly respected within the South American

Orbit Esport and the owners of Red Reserve have agreed a deal so that Red becomes a subsidiary of AB, the Swedish investor group that also owns Orbit Esport. All activities that presently are carried out under the Red Reserve brand will continue and as well, this venture will allow for new and exciting developments

The PlayStation Experience Showcase Invitational featured 8 of the world’s best teams to showcase Infinite Warfare in a LAN environment for the first time this year. What was expected to just be a few friendly matches taking place was quite far from that. It was Team Orbit’s European Call of Duty team debut, and not

We are delighted to announce our newest edition to Orbit. Orbit CS:GO Female Kippi – INO! – DNO – Rambolina – Kattiz As a Swedish organisation we are always happy to be able to support Swedish teams. The girls will have their debut match at Dreamhack winter, with some familiar faces returning to Orbit we

Our fourth and final team signing (for the the meantime) is one that we cannot wait to announce. Team Exodus is one of elite teams in Rocket League and has continued to grow and improve over RLCS season 1 and 2. The team, consisting of Moses, GarrettG and Turtle who are all young and budding

Today, we introduce a new team to the Orbit Zone. Gears Of War is a very interesting eSport at this point in time with a lot of support from the publishers, Microsoft, and tournament providers like MLG. This growth intrigued our management and we started searching for a new team with great potential to grow

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the signing of our two new players, Urban and Zer0, we have now completed our roster for the Infinite Warfare season. Roster Zer0 – Urban – Joee – Rated Today we welcome the 3rd and 4th members to our new team, Joseph “Joee” Pinnington and Rhys “Rated” Price. The duo that